Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My New Obsession

Apparently, my best friend thought I had some extra time on my hands so she decided to introduce me to Pinterest.  As if Facebook wasn’t sucking enough time out of my day!  The good thing is that it has actually taken over the time that I would have normally spent Facebook stalking.  YAY!  Because of my new love affair with this website, the thought of breaking up with Facebook has actually crossed my mind.  I have decided not to do anything so drastic just yet.  Anyway, for those of you who don’t know about this most fabulous Pinterest site, it is a virtual pinboard that lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web!  Genius.   
I can’t stop pinning. It is chock full of clever ideas.   From organizing to cleaning to decorating to kid’s projects to clothes to crafts…this site has it all.  I have so much on my to-do list including painting the kitchen the oh-so-pretty Mineral Blue, making faux roman shades from a Target tablecloth, hanging a door shoe organizer to the inside of the pantry for storage (Amazing! What mastermind came up with this? ), painting with chalkboard paint, making my own crafty dry erase board, spending $10 to convert my very own writing into a font (!!), making fun frames to display the boys art projects, whipping up some homemade play dough, getting Little Man’s and Baby’s chubby little footprints on a step stool (I’m sure that will be a post in itself), melting down crayons into fun shapes, hanging a car oil pan on the playroom wall for magnets and the list goes on and on.  Have I peaked your interest yet?!  This stuff makes me feel like Little Man does when he gets a new fire truck!
I have completed one Pinterest project so far…the living room mantel.  I have to say, the finished product  is pretty damn close to the picture and I couldn’t be prouder.  Props to my mom for scouring the shelves of Christmas Tree Shoppe, Michael’s and ACMoore for the exact pieces I needed to make my masterpiece.  The list included 6 frames of all different sizes, a big Roman numeral clock, 2 small vases, and a few stems of fake berries.  This was the inspiration picture:
And this is the final result (minus real pictures in the frames and berries):

Pretty close, right?!  If I wasn’t totally addicted before, I am now a Pinterest whore!  I think the next project is going to be making valences for the kitchen windows. ..I am ordering the Target tablecloths tonight.   Can’t wait!  I am a Martha Stewart in the making! 
Thanks to my friend, J for enlightening me!  This made me love you a little more.
Happy Pinning!

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