Friday, September 9, 2011

Bookless Babies

Am I the only mom in the world that doesn't document each and every thing her little babies do from the second they were born until at least 1!?  I think so. The intention was there but I never followed through.  I have about eight really ridiculously cute baby books that I spent a fortune on over the past 3 years or so.  I couldn't stop buying them and I just knew that I was going to be super organized and write in them daily.  Well,  here I am with a 1 and 2 year old and not one book has more than two pages filled out.  Terrible!  Thank God I saved each and every greeting card though.  What?! Who does that?

So, I decided to start a blog mainly to document the amazing, cute, loving, crazy, cuddly, happy, fun things my baby boys do on a daily basis.  Oh ya, and I won't forget to also add in the stuff that makes me want to pull my hair out!  That said, there will be A LOT of baby talk going on here so bear with me.  And don't be offended if I swear here and there...I have to get it out and I try to limit the four letter words in front of the little ones. D, the hubby, doesn't think I do such a great job at that but I am trying.

So much to write about!  So what started out as a husband and wife has turned into a family of four...3 men and a mom.  I am totally outnumbered by messy males who eat and fart a lot and I love it.  Well, I don't necessarily love when D farts but I think I've lightened up.  I never in a million years thought I would be the mommy of 2 beautiful boys.  I just never envisioned boys because my childhood consisted of 3 girls and a dad. Mom, sis and I ruled the house.  Oh, how things change.

On June 15th, 2009 Little Man was born and at that very moment we were officially a family.  He was born at 4:12 AM via c-section after 24+ hours of labor.  I didn't mind...whatever was going to get that baby out safe and sound was fine with me.  He was beautiful and perfect and the best baby in the whole wide world.  Fast forward 3 months and I am pregnant with baby #2!  WTF?!  D thought the line was too faint to be a positive.  News flash...ANY trace of a line means you are pregnant. Sure enough, the next morning the line was clear. as. day. BOLD DARK PINK.  How was I going to do this? I already had my hands full with Little Man.  I was not the stay at home mom that had too much time on her hands like I had imagined.  My days already consisted of constant feeding, bottles, spit-up, poop, pee, diapers, cleaning, sleep training, soothing and a million and one other things. I didn't even have enough time to shower or cook dinner.  How was another baby going to fit into our lives? 

Well, Little Man's first year flew by and so did my pregnancy.  I was so consumed with being a new mom that being pregnant was definitely not top of mind.  I had this new little bundle of joy who went from eating, sleeping and pooping to rolling over and cooing and laughing and crawling and talking and walking and turning into this real, amazing person. And what a personality! I got to see it all.  I didn't miss a single thing.  I am SO LUCKY.  How did D and I do this?  We made this person? It still is incomprehensible to me.

June 23rd, 2010 came along rather quickly and there we were in the hospital for the scheduled c-section for our second little boy.  He was born at 8:14 am and by 8:20 he was in D's arms resting his little head on my shoulder.  We were so blessed to have another perfect, healthy, beautiful (and hairy) baby boy. We stayed in the hospital for the 5 days and loved every second of being waited on hand and foot.  The Grandmas and Grandpas helped out with Little Man at home while Mommy and Daddy were in the hospital recovering and getting to know Baby.  Wouldn't you know that Little Man got his first ear infection and fever when his mommy wasn't around to help!  Oh boy, that was tough on everyone.  It broke my heart.  And there was little I could do having just had major surgery.  He got better in a few days and adjusted rather nicely to his new brother.  A couple of freak outs here and there but that was expected from a 1 year old.

Two weeks came and went and Baby stopped sleeping. He cried. And cried. And cried. And cried.  Oh Baby, how I love you but you were quite the handful.  D and I shushed and rocked like it was our job. It WAS our job. Day and night. Night and day. One took care of Little Man while the other shushed and rocked Baby. He hated the swing, he hated the car seat, he hated his adorable vibrating chair with the hangy toys.  What was a mom to do?! We soon found that Baby was happy on his belly!  But what about all the books and magazines that tell you to never do that?  F it!  We did it.  And he slept. The first 3 months were tough but that new little baby stole our hearts.  It was practically 3 months to the day that his colic (or whatever was bothering him) stopped!  He was happy and smiled and laughed.  We took peaceful car rides, we slept a little bit, we went on play dates!.  Life got a lot easier.

Little Man is 2 years and 3 months old and is now having real big boy conversations which I am still getting used to.  I feel my body melt every time I hear "Mommy, I love you" or "you're pretty, Mommy" or "I missed you so much!"  I mean, that child can get himself out of any kind of trouble with that shit!  I am in BIG trouble when he realizes that.  He is such a little lover and loves to cuddle with "only Mommy".  But don't get me wrong, it isn't all peaches and cream with that one. He definitely has his "terrible two" moments!  D has to keep reminding me that the phrase was invented for a reason.  I take each day at a time and take lots and lots of deep breaths.  I realize how fast time flies and I don't want to wish away any stages that my boys go through.  I try to embrace every single second because one day I will turn around and wonder where it all went. I even try to embrace the fact that Little Man wakes up crying for me several times a night and needs about 2 minutes on Mommy to get back to sleep.  I stare at him sleeping and know that the days of looking at his beautiful peaceful face resting on my chest will be long gone one day.  So no, I am not going to try to train him to get back to sleep on his own.  If he wants Mommy, he gets Mommy.

And Baby is almost 15 months old.  He is a trip and makes us laugh every day.  He has been talking for months now!  His first word was Apple Juice!  His vocabulary is ridiculous for a 1 year old.  He says Mommy, Daddy, baby, night-night, ba-ba, book, cookie, eat, up, help, more, elmo, hugs, outside, birdie, no, yes, bath, Papa and the list goes on and on.  I am so proud of that little smarty pants.  He is so active and fearless and gets into EVERYTHING!   He has recently started dancing which is more like a really fast march with some twists of the wrists.  I can't get enough of it.  He has 9 teeth so far and more are on the way!  He is a little lover and we just can't get enough of him.  He is a perfect long as he gets what he wants :)  He is a decent sleeper but there is definitely room for improvement.  Because I am up multiple times a night with Little Man, D has Baby duty at night.  Unless of course I feel like cuddling with the little bugger at 2:00 am which actually does happen every once in a while.  He is the best cuddler ever!  When we are in his chair rocking to sleep I kiss that little face about 110 times...he is irresistible! 

Well that is our family in a nut shell!  Before I started writing this first blog I wondered if I was going to have enough to write about. Guess so!  Being that we have been parents for 2+ years with little documentation of it, I guess it makes sense that my first post would be super long.  Well, there is no way I can talk about every detail of our little angels to date but I am going to try to write a little blog every day to jot down all the precious (and not so precious) moments that will be wonderful memories one day.  I also hope to get some followers who might enjoy to read about the madness of our everyday lives.

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