Friday, September 30, 2011

Baby Time

Little Man recently started going to a two's program which is 1 day a week from 9:30 - 1:30. The program is called Mother's Day Out. But for me, it is 'Mother AND Baby's Day Out'. It is four whole hours of just Mommy and Baby time.

I have to say, and I have said it before, Baby LOVES being an only child! Not that he doesn't love the kid that constantly steals, yells and cuddles like a bull. He does. But having 100% of Mom's attention and getting to play with anything he wants without being bothered is pretty darn good too!

For me, even though I miss Little Man like crazy, it is really nice to have this special bonding time with Baby. It makes me so sad to think that Baby is just starting to get 4 hours a week of what Little Man got on a constant basis for a whole year! I'm going to make those 4 hours a week THE BEST!

Baby's first "only child" morning started off nice. Auntie made a quick visit and stayed with him while I dropped Little Man off at school. They had snacks and played. Ten minutes later I was back home and we were off to go hang out with our besties J and "Dyn"!

It was a yucky, rainy day so we decided to check out the playground at the mall. It was PACKED so we went to a really fun toy store instead! It has a gazillion toys and a special play area for the little ones. He was in his glory.

He was climbing around like a little monkey and I even let him run around the entire store! He was a free man. Something that he doesn't get to experience too often being that it is next to impossible to keep up with two boys who pretend they are deaf and run like maniacs in opposite directions.

Well, he didn't have to say a word, I saw the look on his face. This is what was going through his little baby mind:
"Mom, look what I'm doing. I am running into this 'off limits' back room! Look, I just knocked a sticker display down! Mom, aren't you gonna yell at me? I'm putting something black and sticky in my mouth! Mom, are you seeing this? Did someone steal my mom and replace her with a nicer look alike?"

I was busy chasing and cleaning up after him but it was so worth it to see the look of PURE BLISS on his face. He had a blast!

After the toy store, we went home, had hot dogs for lunch and played a little more.

Then it was time to pick up Little Man. Sorry, Baby, back to reality.

Little Man came walking out of the classroom with his little projects in hand and smiled at us. Baby was SO excited to see him. He was laughing and kicking and just couldn't wait to get out of my arms to play with his brother. And Little Man was just as happy to see Baby! My heart melted a little that day.

After I calmed down from freaking out on Little Man for having a 'throw myself down face first and scream' session on the asphalt in the middle of the school parking lot, I was a happy mommy.

Baby loves his big brother and doesn't know life any other way. Sure, he loves getting lots of attention. Who doesn't? But, at the end of the day, he wouldn't trade his brother in for the world.

They love each other. This is what I had hoped for them.

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