Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day from Hell / First Day of School

I am so tired I don't even feel like going into the details of the day from hell but I am forcing myself because today was a was Little Man's first day of school!  We signed him up for a once a week 2s program and today was the introductory class with Mommy.  It went very well and I was so proud of him.  He wasn't the worst kid in the class!! Yippee!!  I was on top of the world.  My son is the best kid EVER.

The shit hit the fan the second we got home.  He had a complete breakdown about taking off the diaper that Daddy drew a firetruck on before he left for school.  I mean he was kicking, screaming, throwing his body all over the floor, pulling on every extremity I have and it lasted at least 30 minutes.  I finally got him and Baby down for a nap.  Hallelujah...I have at least 2 hours of peace. 

Oh wait, they BOTH decided to wake up 30 minutes later miserable as hell.  FML.  I now have 2 babies in their diapers having complete tantrums in the kitchen.  I was contemplating taking a video because no one would ever believe how bad it was.  I decided it was time for a drive.  I didn't say a word to either of them...I just threw them in the car and we were off.  Did it stop the incessant crying?  No, but at least I didn't have to do anything but drive.  I didn't say a word. Finally, Baby fell asleep. 

It was a loooongggg car ride that ended in a trip to the mall with Grammie.  By that time both boys were relatively mellow and happy to finally be out of the car.  We paid $10 f'ing dollars to push them around in carts with steering wheels, bought some nail polish and just walked around for a while. 

When we got home Little Man had another melt down about the mechanics of a tension gate.  I let Daddy handle that one.  We fed them dinner, had some chocolate ice cream, watched a little Toy Story 3 and went to bed.  I feel like I've been hit by a truck.

Here are some moments that kept me sane today...

Little Man in front of his new school

Loving the toys at school

How cute is this?!

Hey!  He got more than me!

I love chocolate ice cream!

Baby's signature face

Daddy and Baby having fun!

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