Tuesday, September 20, 2011

1st Trip to the Hospital

So I have not written in a few days and so much has happened.  Let's start with Friday.  It was 8:00 am, I was already at work and D was on his way to drop the boys off at Ms Helen's.  That is when Little Man puked all over the place!  What?!  We are not used to this!  He has thrown up less than a handful of times throughout his entire little life (not counting the constant spit up for most of his first year).  So D decided to stop at my parent's house so that he could clean out the car while they watched the boys inside.  That was the plan at least until my mom heard D gagging.  I can't even explain how he gags.  It is beyond obnoxious and actually pisses me off.  I know, I know, he cant help it blah, blah, blah. The last time I heard him gag was a couple of weeks ago when he was unclogging a toilet that HE clogged.  I mean you would swear he was just forced to eat (for lack of a better word) a shit sandwich.  My mom said it was harder to stomach the sound of D than it was to actually clean up the regurgitated french toast and milk.  I believe it.  Thanks for taking care of that, Mom!

He really didn't seem sick and it was probably a random car sick thing but we decided it was best to keep the boys home and not expose the other little kids at daycare to a possible stomach bug.  Wouldn't it be nice if every parent had this common sense?  Anyway, Friday was Daddy Day Care at our house and it wasn't pretty.  I have to say, D is usually pretty good handling both boys by himself but not that day, my friends.  They were crazy little sleepless maniacs.  D ended up calling Grandma for help.  Wimp :)

5:00 pm comes and Baby runs full speed towards our nightstand, trips and face plants right into the bottom edge.  D said the sound was horrendous.   He had a pretty deep gash between his eyes and it swelled immediately.  No gushing blood, thank God!  Anyway, he immediately called the pediatrician and they recommended we take him to the ER.  I got the call on their way to the hospital and I ran out of the office and somehow caught the next train. 

I showed up at the hospital to see what looked A LOT worse than what it actually was.  He looked more like an alien than he did my little baby.  I was sick to my stomach.  Baby was certainly in better spirits than I was.  He was playing with toys, eating Rice Krispies, making a mess and laughing up a storm while I kind of felt like puking from the whole thing. 

Then the doctor came in.  What a say the least!  The only matter of fact thing that he was able to tell us that night was that Baby had a double ear infection.   Well we went to the pediatrician the next day who gave Baby a clean bill of health.  Wow.  I don't have any other words.  Well, maybe I do but I wont go there.

We didn't get much sleep Friday night but that's okay.  We were pretty worried about a possible concussion anyway and were planning on waking him up every couple of hours.  It was the first night since the newborn days that the little stinker slept with us.  It was adorable. 

The swelling has gone down a lot but the bruising looks worse as expected.  He looks like he was in a hard core bar fight.  My poor baby.  Here are some pics of the little bruiser...

In the ER, happy as could be!

Exhausted from a long day.

The morning after.

Now Baby, can you please stop getting yourself into trouble!?

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