Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Potty Talk

I haven’t started the whole hard core potty training thing with Little Man yet and for some reason I am not feeling the rush.  Maybe it’s because I know Baby has a least another year of diapers anyway.  Hey, if I am changing 5 diapers a day, might as well make it 10! 

Unless, of course, my Baby genius starts excusing himself to go to the bathroom in the near future. It would not surprise me!  Yea, I am a proud mommy but he is super smart!

This post, however, is not about how smart Baby is.  It is about Little Man and the potty.  I can’t remember exactly when but it was at least 8 months ago that we bought a potty and Little Man pooped and peed in it within the 1st hour!  I was amazed and thought “Wow! I don’t even have to train him!”  Well that was the end of that for a few months. 

We recently started daycare 2 days a week and Ms. Helen has somehow gotten him to go on the potty several times.  She gives him a couple of M&Ms each time he goes.  It hasn’t worked that well for me at home but like I said, I am not pushing it.

The other morning we were filling up the bathtub and Little Man took it upon himself to go pee-pee on the potty!  He just walked his little naked self over to the potty, sat down, pointed his little wee-wee down (ha!) and went!  I was so proud of him. He got 3 M&Ms and couldn’t be happier with himself!

Is it weird that I hate to get rid of my son’s poop or pee because I think it is so CUTE and enjoy looking at it!?  I think I just answered my own question. 

Anyway, as I was being creepy and admiring my son’s urine, I noticed it was really cloudy with particles floating around in it.  OMG what is wrong with him?!  This is NOT GOOD.

Have no fear, it was just dust. That is how long it had been since he went on the potty at our house J 

I think I am going to start stepping up the potty training a bit but I am not looking forward to the inevitable accidents, public restrooms and new excuses for not going to sleep.   Just what I need…new excuses for not going to sleep!  I am annoyed and tired just thinking about it.

How did my little baby grow up so fast? 

How did he go from this:

To this:

I just cried a little.


Jeni B said...

Check out Mandy is one of my favorite bloggers and she is in the midst of a three-day potty training project right now.

Hard to believe my little girl will be big enough for a backpack and an umbrella one day. So cute!

Mama Bug said...

I trained Lovebug in 5 days... and we started when he did exactly what Little Man did, walked over to the potty and went on his own- I knew that was my cue to bite the bullet and train him! Now I cant imagine changing such a big boy's diapers!!!

Heidi Leanne said...

Potty training. ugh. So difficult! Some days I feel like I need to be doing more, some days I feel I pushed too much. It is a hard balance to try to find between teaching and pushing, isn't it? The good thing is that one day they'll get it, despite all our efforts, or lack of efforts. :)

I highly recommend the plastic training pants to go over underwear to contain the messes. Plus, at this point switching to underwear with plastic covers is so much cheaper than diapers! :)
Good luck!