Monday, October 3, 2011

Apple Picking

It was a beautiful fall day today and I thought it would be nice to go apple picking with the boys. Fall is my favorite time of year and today was one of the first days that really felt like fall to me. It was sunny, around 60 degrees and the smell was in the air!

Ahhhh....I couldn't wait to get myself and the boys dressed in some long pants and sweatshirts, go to Silverman's, take a hayride up to the apples, walk around, and take amazing fall pictures.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I always question whether doing anything outside my house with both boys is really a smart idea. Today, my answer was yes.

We got to the farm, met our friends and decided to start with the pumpkins. They have a beautiful display of hay and pumpkins and and even a pretty fountain in the pond. Oh ya, and a digger digging less than 100 ft away.

Little Man practically jumps out of the car every time we see a digger on the road, there is no way I am keeping him away from this!

To my amazement, he actually listened to me. He just looked! What a good boy.

I didn't have such luck with Baby. He didn't slow down as I recommended several times and he ended up going chin first into a pumpkin stem. Ouch! It was just a little scrape that a kiss from Mom took care of.

Next, the hayride up to the apples! Yay.

Guess not. We were told that they don't run the hayrides on the weekdays so we settled for a golf cart. The boys were still psyched. We all packed in and the guy said "Did you buy bags?" Ooops! Forgot that part.

The boys and I stayed in the cart while J & "Dyn" went to the shop and bought the bags.

$16 a bag?! A very very small bag? We better get some good mother f'in apples.

The golf cart takes off. Weeeee. Baby is on my lap and I basically have Little Man in a full body lock (I think that is some type of wrestling move??) next to me. I have to say, I felt a little like Britany Spears riding in that thing with my kids on my lap. Is that even legal?

The cart didn't tip and we all got up to the apple farm unharmed. Of course Little Man and Baby take off in opposite directions. Little Man was actually listening to J so I was concentrating on Baby and making sure he didn't break his neck.

And then the bees showed up. They were EVERYWHERE and had a particular liking for me and the boys. They were literally walking on our clothes. To say I was freaking out would be an understatement. I was horrified.
Miracuoulsy no one got stung! They should really posts signs at every post warning of the gazillion bees you will most definitely encounter.

We finally found a few rows that were bee free and we were able to experience the joys of apple picking. We had a great time. We filled up our $16 bag with beautiful apples.

On our way back down in the golf cart I didn't know whether to hang on to my kids for dear life or to the $16 dollar bag of apples. I know I sound like a cheap ass but I just can't get over it. AND we didn't even get the hay ride. As my grandma put it, "that is highway robbery!".

I didn't lose one kid or one apple.

I was pooped! Do I really have to deal with the bee that just flew into the car? Really?

I would like to think that the boys had an amazing time apple picking with Mom but I am pretty sure that they are now just terrified of bees.

The whole way home Little Man was yelling "BEES!" "AAHHHH!" "BEES, MOM!" And of course I had mini heart attack each time wondering if there was a bee in the car or if he was just reliving the traumatic experience.

I guess I will have to start reading the Bee Book every night so that he doesn't look like his psychopath mother every time he sees a bee in the future.

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