Monday, October 3, 2011


I just got an email from a friend and fellow blogger, Mama Bug, who told me that my blog will not allow her to follow my site.  She tried from multiple computers and it wasn't letting her join.

Well, HALLE F'ING LUYA!  That is all I have to say.  I was wondering why the hell no one was following me.  Was my blog that awful?!  I started to try to make myself feel better by telling myself that I didn't do it to get followers, I did it as more of a journal.  At least I am getting all of this stuff down. Why should other people care about my family life? 

NO!  I DO want followers, damn it!  WTF.  I mean I told family and friends about it who said they were going to follow and day after day....ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH!

Thanks, Mama Bug!  I have just updated my settings so hopefully I start getting some followers.  My goal at the moment is 20.  That is a far cry from the current 2 I have.  Oh and by the way, that 2 consists of myself and my husband.

Come on, people!  Show me the love!


Mama Bug said...

Glad I could help and I LOOVE your blog, it makes me feel so normal!

domesticallyseasoned said...

have no fear I am here...........following you......... or better yet stalking you! Feel free to always stalk back.

♥♥ (Jasmine) said...

you have a lovely blog, and your boys are beautiful! enjoyed browsing through your posts, and following also. :) great to meet another mommy blogger-hope we can stay connected. cheers!