Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dirty Clouds

I absolutely love to watch my boys experience new things. What I would do to see the world through the eyes of a child! I wish I could feel the way they do when they see a truck or an airplane or a bird or a cow or the stars or even the mailman. I just can't imagine the wonder and excitement that they must be feeling on a daily basis since the world is still so new to them. Even though I can't feel what they are feeling, it still feels so amazing to be a part of their new discoveries.

Until recently, my boys went to bed well before it was dark outside. Over the past few months, bedtime has gotten a little later and it is getting darker earlier.

Last week we were coming home from my parents house and got out of the car around 8 pm. It was a beautiful clear night and Little Man looked up into the sky. "Mommy! Look at the stars and the moon! They are shining!"

His little head was tilted all the way back and his smiling face was lit up by the moon light. I could have stayed out there with him for hours. Those moments are priceless. This was really the first time he noticed the real stars and moon outside. It was truly heartwarming.

So for the past week or so we have been looking at the moon and stars quite often before bed. He LOVES it! Tonight we were getting out of the car and he looked up. "Mommy, what's that?" I looked up and laughed. It was cloudy outside. I said, "They are clouds, sweetie! It is cloudy out so we can't see the stars tonight". Little Man was very confused. "The clouds are dirty, Mommy?" "No, it's just night time so they look darker than they do in the day". "Is there paint on the clouds, Mommy?"

I love to be a part of this stuff. I am so lucky to be a mom. Today was the biggest nightmare of a day but something super sweet usually happens before the end of the day and it makes it all totally worth it.

Yes, he did embarrass me about 6 times in public today, he cried for well over an hour in the car, he had about 5 solid tantrums, he gave me absolute hell at nap time and he basically wouldn't let D talk to him all day. And yes, D and I both had tightness in our chests at the end of the day and were pretty sure we were both having heart attacks. But, it's the little dirtly cloud moments that make us smile and remind us how lucky we are to be a part of these new little lives.

Okay, I am exhausted. GOOD NIGHT!!!!


TyKes Mom said...

That is so adorable! Little ones truly open your eyes up to a whole new world. Seeing the world through my kids eyes has taught me more than I could ever teach them. And to be a SAHM and witness so much of it is such a blessing!

Jeremy said...

Hooray for babies and the beauty they bring! Thanks for stopping by our site - we'll be sure to keep in touch... here's to all the joys yet to come...

Mama Bug said...

It's moments like those dirty clouds that make it all worth it!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

This was such a lovely post :)